Table 4.

Processes and diseases with NO Participation.

Neurotransmission, memory, stroke
Glaucoma and neural degeneration
Vasodilation, blood pressure, blood-flow
Pulmonary hypertension
Penile erection
Angiogenesis, wound healing
Inflammation, arthritis, nephritis, colitis, etc.
Cytotoxicity tissues, pathogens, tumors
Tissue transplantation
Septic shock, dialytic hypotension
Platelet aggregation
Gastrointestinal motility
Hormone secretion
Gene regulation
Hemoglobin delivery of oxygen
Stem cell proliferation and differentiation
RMMJ Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal Rambam Health Care Campus 2011 April; 2(2): e0038. ISSN: 2076-9172
Published online 2011 April 30. doi: 10.5041/RMMJ.10038.