Table 1.

Unmet Need: Percutaneous, Minimally Invasive Treatment for Aortic Stenosis–Time Frame of Development of the First Disruptive Device.

Year Event Reference
1985 Aortic balloon angioplasty by Alain Cribier Cribier et al.21
1989 First successful experiment in pigs with porcine aortic valve in an expandable metal cage; published in 1992 Andersen et al.22
1990 Priority date for the Andersen patent granted in 1995 Andersen et al.23
1999 PVT founded and acquired rights of the Anderson patent Datafox24
2002 First human implantation by Alain Cribier Cribier et al.25
2004 PVT acquired by Edwards Bloomberg Business26
2005 Edwards Feasibility trial launched Barbash and Waksman27
2006 Initiating the pivotal FDA study–PARTNERS Barbash and Waksman27
2007 CE approval granted in Europe for the Sapien valve Barbash and Waksman27
2008 The Sapien valve approved in Israel Segev and Goita28
2010 The Sapien valve granted public funding for non-operable surgical patients The Prime Minister’s Office29
2011 FDA approval for non-operable patients Barbash and Waksman27
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