Table 1.

Partial List of Jewish Doctors with High-Profile Clients (13–18th Centuries).

Century Name Client Notes
12th Alfakhar1 King Ferdinand, Toledo, Spain
13th Isaac Maestro Gaio1 Physician to Pope Boniface VIII
Physician to Pope Nicholas IV
Pope Nicholas IV forced the Jewish population to wear yellow badges1
13th Elias Sabot1,25 King Henry IV King Henry IV defied King Edward’s Jewish exile order of 12902
14th Angelo de Manuelle1 Physician to Pope Boniface IX
14th Antonio Lopez1 King Joao (John) III, Portugal King Joao III initiated the Portuguese Inquisition
15th Isaac Cordoza1 King Philip IV, Madrid
15th Eliahu Montalto29 Queen Maria de Medici-Bourbon
16th Elias Ben Isaac Lattes1 Borgia Pope Alexander VI
Medici Pope Leo X
16th Roderigo de Castro1 King of Denmark
16th Benedict de Castro1 Queen of Sweden
Mid 16th David de Pomis1 Pope Paul IV Pope Paul IV was reputedly the fiercest anti-Jewish pontiff; he established the Roman Ghetto and issued anti-Jewish encyclicals1
17th Jean Astruc1,30 King Louis XV, France
17th Jean Baptiste Silva1 Grand Duke of Bavaria
Prince Henry de Conde, France
Voltaire was well-known for ambivalent views on Jews1
17th Benjamin Mussafia1 King Christian IV, Denmark
18th Antonio Ribeiro Sanchez1 Empress Ann of Russia
Empress Elizabeth of Russia
Empress Catherine II of Russia
All three Empresses imposed geographical restrictions on Jews in Russia
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