Table 5.

Vaccines for Pandemic Diseases.*

Disease R0 Vaccine(s) Current Number of Cases/Year
Smallpox 3.5–6 Yes None
Measles 12–18 Yes 5M
Plague Yes 0.5K
Cholera Yes 1.4–4M
Yellow fever Yes§ 200K
Influenza H1N1 1.4–2.8 Yes >5M; various types of influenza
Influenza H3N2 1.5 Yes >5M; various types of influenza
Influenza H2N2 1.5 Yes >5M; various types of influenza
AIDS None 1.7M
SARS 0.19–1.08 None None
Ebola 1.5–1.9 Yes 0–several thousands
MERS 0.3–0.8 None 0–0.3K
COVID-19 2.5 None >10M**
*Only approved vaccines are included.
Various types available.
Difficult to assess.
§Live attenuated vaccine, single shot gives life-time immunity.
**During a 6-month period.

AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome; COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019; H1N1, hemagglutinin-1 neuraminidase-1; H2N2, hemagglutinin-2 neuraminidase-2; H3N2, hemagglutinin-3 neuraminidase-2; K, thousands; M, millions; MERS, Middle East respiratory syndrome; R0, basic reproduction number; SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome.

RMMJ Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal Rambam Health Care Campus 2020 July; 11(3): e0027. ISSN: 2076-9172
Published online 2020 July 31. doi: 10.5041/RMMJ.10418.