Table 2.

Case Reports and Series of Congenital Nasopharyngeal Masses (CNMs).

Authors Year Country Cases Sex Age Symptoms Pathology Comments
Coppit et al.3 2000 USA 3 M, F Birth RD, FD, OM Dermoid, teratoma Prenatal alpha-fetoprotein and ultrasound, recurrence after 5 months
Behar et al.4 2001 USA 1 M Birth RD Heterotopic neuroglial tissue Tracheostomy
Uchino et al.5 2001 Japan 1 F Birth OM Teratoma Syndrome, dysmorphism
Andronikou et al.6 2003 Australia 3 Birth RD Teratoma Polyhydramnios, prenatal MRI, EXIT procedure
Roh7 2004 Korea 1 F 7 mo Snoring, sleep apnea Hairy polyp Adjacent to eustachian tube
Abdulkader et al.8 2006 Qatar 1 F 3 mo RD Hairy polyp Comorbidity
Freitas et al.9 2007 Brazil 2 M, F Birth RD, OM Teratoma
Hossein & Mohammad10 2007 Iran 1 F Birth OM Teratoma Prenatal alpha-fetoprotein, comorbidity
Maartens et al.11 2009 Netherlands 1 M Preterm RD, nasal mass Teratoma Prenatal alpha-fetoprotein, polyhydramnios, intubation
Turnbull et al.12 2009 UK 1 F Preterm OM Teratoma Prenatal ultrasound, comorbidity
Tiwari et al.13 2009 India 1 F Birth RD, cyanosis Teratoma
He et al.14 2010 China 2 M, F Birth RD, FD, OM Teratoma Comorbidity
Mirshemirani et al.15 2011 Iran 1 F Birth FD, OM Teratoma Comorbidity
Chariker et al.16 2011 USA 1 F 3 d FD Teratoma Comorbidities, pituitary duplication
Rangachari et al.17 2012 India 1 M 5 d RD Teratoma Multiple intubations
Koike et al.18 2013 Japan 1 F 3 mo RD Hairy polyp Respiratory failure
Bayır et al.19 2014 Turkey 1 M Birth RD Teratoma Polyhydramnios, multiple biopsies
Han et al.20 2014 Korea 1 M Preterm RD, FD, OM Teratoma Comorbidities, 2-step surgery
Mann et al.21 2014 UK 3 F Birth RD, FD, OM Choristoma
Radhakrishnan et al.22 2015 India 1 F Birth Salivary gland anlage tumor Prenatal MRI, EXIT procedure
Menezes & Simao23 2015 Brazil 1 Preterm RD, OM Teratoma Prenatal ultrasound, polyhydramnios
Hwang et al.24 2015 Australia 1 F Birth RD, OM Teratoma Polyhydramnios, tracheostomy, coblation, biopsy with wrong diagnosis
Alexander et al.25 2015 UK 6 M, F Birth RD, FD, OM Teratoma Hyponasal speech, intubation
Ghatage et al.26 2016 India 1 F 3 d RD, FD Teratoma Comorbidities, tracheostomy
Jadhav et al.27 2017 India 1 F Birth RD, OM Teratoma
Thong et al.28 2018 Malaysia 1 F 24 h RD, OM Teratoma Prenatal alpha-fetoprotein, comorbidities, delayed surgery
Aramesh et al.29 2020 Iran 1 F Birth RD, OM Teratoma Polyhydramnios
Kobayashi et al.30 2020 Japan 1 M Birth RD Teratoma Prenatal alpha-fetoprotein, maxillectomy due to recurrence

d, days; EXIT, ex-utero intrapartum treatment; F, female; FD, feeding difficulties; h, hours; M, male; mo, months; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; OM, oral mass; RD, respiratory distress; US, ultrasound.

RMMJ Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal Rambam Health Care Campus 2022 January; 13(1): e0006. ISSN: 2076-9172
Published online 2022 January 27. doi: 10.5041/RMMJ.10463