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Figure 3.

Hospital Discharge Card Following Medical Treatment in the Dautmergen Concentration Camp.

Unofficial Translation: Saulsau, 12 May 1945. Confirmation. We confirm here that Dr Dworzecki Mark, i.e. political prisoner no. 34724 from the concentration camp Dautmergen at Schomberg (Kreis Balingen) was beaten on the 3.11.1944, during his work at the “Sewerage-Commando,” by a camp overseer—and as a result he became ill with severe phlegmon and osteomyelitis of the left lower arm. Because of phlegmon and osteomyelitis Dr Dworzecki Mark was operated three times during the time of 7.11.1944–27.11.1944 at the prisoners’ hospital.

Signed by Dr. Ch. H. Fryd, i.e. Prisoner no. 34781 of the Concentration Camp Dautmergen, Physician of Convalescence Block; and Dr. A. Wajnryb, i.e. Prisoner no. 35529 of the Concentration Camp Dautmergen, Physician of Convalescence Block.

Photo from the Archives of Yad Vashem.11

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