Treatment of Intermediate Risk DTC Patients

The Role of Prophylactic Central Neck Dissection in the Treatment of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Max Hennessy and David Goldenberg


The utility and efficacy of prophylactic central neck dissection with total thyroidectomy for the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer has been debated in the literature over the past few decades. Proponents of prophylactic central neck dissection support its routine use with the notion that it reduces local recurrence, increases accuracy in TNM staging, and reduces surgical morbidity associated with reoperation. Conversely, those against the use of routine prophylactic central neck dissection argue there is no clear evidence which shows a reduction in recurrence or added benefit to survival, while the procedure increases the risk for complications and morbidity. This article discusses the role of prophylactic central neck dissection in the setting of thyroid cancer, and reviews recently published literature to evaluate efficacy and safety of this procedure.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2016;7(1):e0007