• Volume 8
  • October 2017
  • Issue 4

Special Issue on Novel Technologies in Urologic Investigation and Treatment

Guest Editor: Gilad Amiel, M.D.


  • Multimodality Image Fusion with PSMA PET/CT and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Focal Therapy for Primary Diagnosis and Management of Prostate Cancer: A Planned Research Initiative

    Marcia C. Javitt, Alexander Kravtsov, Zohar Keidar, Sobhi Abadi, and Gilad E. Amiel

  • Initial Clinical Experience with a Modulated Holmium Laser Pulse—Moses Technology: Does It Enhance Laser Lithotripsy Efficacy?

    Michael Mullerad, Jonatan R. A. Aguinaga, Tareq Aro, Alexander Kastin, Oleg Goldin, Alexander Kravtsov, Akram Assadi, Shadie Badaan, and Gilad E. Amiel

  • The Urology Residency Program in Israel—Results of a Residents Survey and Insights for the Future

    Arnon Lavi, Sharon Tzemah, Anan Hussein, Ibrahim Bishara, Nikolay Shcherbakov, Genady Zelichenko, Alon Mashiah, Michael Gross, and Michael Cohen




  • The Risk of Cancer Might be Lower Than We Think. Alternatives to Lifetime Risk Estimates

    Gilat L. Grunau, Shay Gueron, Boris Pornov, and Shai Linn

    Online First: October 16, 2017; DOI: 10.5041/RMMJ.10321

  • The Reliability of Surgical Apgar Score in Predicting Immediate and Late Postoperative Morbidity and Mortality: A Narrative Review

    Abhijit Nair, Aanchal Bharuka, and Basanth Kumar Rayani

    Online First: October 13, 2017; DOI: 10.5041/RMMJ.10316

The Maimonides
Best Published Research Prize

The Editorial Board of Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal is pleased to announce the establishment of a special award for papers published in the journal: The Maimonides Best Published Research Prize.

A prize of US$1,000 will be awarded to the first author of the best research article published in Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal for the previous year. Adjudication will be by the RMMJ Research Publication Advisory Committee. The first prize will be awarded in January of 2018, for the best research article in 2017 with the award ceremony being held at the Rambam Health Care Campus.

Application Criteria

All Original Research articles published in Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal from January through December of each year, including online first articles, are eligible for The Maimonides Best Published Research Prize.

Submission Process

All papers must be submitted to the journal according to the Instructions for Authors posted on our website.

Review Process

Adjudication criteria will be take into account a number of factors including: originality and innovativeness of the research; practical application of the research; importance and timeliness of the paper in relation to current research trends; scientific, methodological, and data quality; and translational relevance.

Prize Details

The prize will be awarded in the following year of publication (2018 for papers published in 2017; 2019 for papers published in 2018; etc.).

The prize (US$1,000) will be awarded to the first author of the paper.

The prize will be presented during a ceremony at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel.


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This Issue is Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. May Arieli—A Beloved Pediatrician, Mother and Wife