Internal Medicine

Managing Diabetes in Patients Hospitalized in Internal Medicine Units

Irit Hochberg


Diabetes and hyperglycemia are present in over one-third of inpatients in internal medicine units and are associated with worse prognosis in multiple morbidities. Treatment of inpatient hyperglycemia is usually with basal bolus insulin in a dose calculated by the patient’s weight, with lower doses recommended in patients who are at a higher risk for hypoglycemia. Other antihyperglycemic medications and insulin regimens can be used in selected patients. There are no adequately powered studies on the effect of improving glycemic control on hospitalization outcomes in non-critically ill patients in internal medicine units, and in most patients a modest glucose target of 140–180 mg/dL is recommended. A structured discharge plan should intensify antihyperglycemic treatment as needed and include an outpatient follow-up appointment shortly after discharge.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2018;9(2):e0014