Original Research

Retrospective Evaluation of Factors Affecting Lymph Node Retrieval Following Gastrectomies with Oncologic Intent

Steven Fuchs and Itamar Ashkenazi


Background: Adequate lymphadenectomy is an important factor affecting survival in gastric cancer patients. Retrieval and examination of at least 15 lymph nodes is recommended in order to properly stage gastric malignancies. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the proportion of patients undergoing inadequate lymphadenectomies and possible risk factors for inadequate surgery. Methods: This was a retrospective study that included patients, 18 years and older, who underwent gastrectomies with oncologic intent in the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center. We analyzed the association of demographic, clinical, and pathological variables with adequate number of lymph nodes. Results: The retrieval of less than 15 lymph nodes was reported in 51% (53/104) patients undergoing gastrectomies with oncologic intent. The extent of surgery was the only variable associated with inadequate lymphadenectomy on univariate analysis: subtotal/proximal versus total gastrectomy (P=0.047). Differ¬ences observed for previous surgery (P=0.193), T stage (P=0.053), N stage (P=0.051), and lymphovascular invasion (P=0.14) did not reach significance. Subtotal/proximal gastrectomy resulted in inadequate resec¬tion of lymph nodes in 56% of the patients, while this occurred in only 30% of the patients undergoing total gastrectomy (relative risk 1.865; 95% CI 0.93, 3.741). Logistic regression confirmed that only subtotal/prox¬imal versus total gastrectomy was associated with inadequate number of lymph nodes resected (P=0.043). Discussion and Conclusion: In this study we analyzed the association of patient, tumor, and surgery-related factors on adequate lymphadenectomy in patients undergoing gastrectomies for possible gastric cancer. Larger extent of the surgery (total, rather than subtotal/proximal gastrectomy) was revealed to be the only indicator positively associated with adequate lymphadenectomy.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2021;12(2):e0012