Review Article

Giant Cell Arteritis: State of the Art in Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Treatment

Abid Awisat, Shiri Keret, Amal Silawy, Lisa Kaly, Itzhak Rosner, Michael Rozenbaum, Nina Boulman, Aniela Shouval, Doron Rimar, and Gleb Slobodin


Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is the most prevalent subtype of vasculitis in adults. In recent years, there has been substantial improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of GCA, mainly attributed to the introduction of highly sensitive diagnostic tools, incorporation of modern imaging modalities for diagnosis and monitoring of large-vessel vasculitis, and introduction of highly effective novel biological therapies that have revolutionized the field of GCA. This article reviews state-of-the-art approaches for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment options of GCA.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2023;14(2):e0009