Education, Practice, and Organization of Healthcare in the 21st Century

Patient-Centered Bedside Education and Traditional Jewish Law and Ethics

Joel Wolowelsky and Yigal Shafran


Background—Bedside rounds have long been a time-honored component of medical education. Recently, there have been various recommendations that residency training programs further incorporate bedside teaching into clinical curricula. Objectives—To compare these current attitudes regarding bedside education with the position of traditional Jewish law and ethics. Methods—Relevant medical journal articles and traditional Jewish sources were reviewed. Results—Halakha (the corpus of traditional Jewish law and ethics) gives greater focus to a patient-centered rather than student-centered bedside education experience. Conclusion—Residency training programs should give greater consideration to the importance of a patient-centered bedside education experience.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2012;3(1):e0003