Obstetrics: Review

Maternal Inflammation, Fetal Brain Implications and Suggested Neuroprotection: A Summary of 10 Years of Research in Animal Models

Yuval Ginsberg, Nizar Khatib, Zeev Weiner, and Ron Beloosesky


A growing body of evidence implicates that maternal inflammation during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in the offspring. The pathophysiological mechanisms by which maternal inflammation evokes fetal brain injury and contribute to long-term adverse neurological outcomes are not completely understood. In this review, we summarize our 10 years’ research experience on maternal inflammation and the implications upon the fetal/offspring brain. We review our findings regarding the underlying mechanisms that connects maternal inflammation and fetal brain injuries (e.g. cytokines, oxidative stress), we discuss our imaging, pathological and behavioral test results which support brain damage following maternal inflammation and finally we describe some of the therapeutic strategies which might prevent the damage.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2017;8(2):e0028