• Volume 8
  • October 2017
  • Issue 4

Special Issue on Novel Technologies in Urologic Investigation and Treatment

Guest Editor: Gilad Amiel, M.D.


  • Multimodality Image Fusion with PSMA PET/CT and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Focal Therapy for Primary Diagnosis and Management of Prostate Cancer: A Planned Research Initiative

    Marcia C. Javitt, Alexander Kravtsov, Zohar Keidar, Sobhi Abadi, and Gilad E. Amiel

  • Initial Clinical Experience with a Modulated Holmium Laser Pulse—Moses Technology: Does It Enhance Laser Lithotripsy Efficacy?

    Michael Mullerad, Jonatan R. A. Aguinaga, Tareq Aro, Alexander Kastin, Oleg Goldin, Alexander Kravtsov, Akram Assadi, Shadie Badaan, and Gilad E. Amiel

  • The Urology Residency Program in Israel—Results of a Residents Survey and Insights for the Future

    Arnon Lavi, Sharon Tzemah, Anan Hussein, Ibrahim Bishara, Nikolay Shcherbakov, Genady Zelichenko, Alon Mashiah, Michael Gross, and Michael Cohen