Review Article

New Insights into Valve Hemodynamics

Gil Marom and Shmuel Einav


Heart valve diseases are common disorders with five million annual diagnoses being made in the United States alone. All heart valve disorders alter cardiac hemodynamic performance; therefore, treatments aim to restore normal flow. This paper reviews the state-of-the-art clinical and engineering advancements in heart valve treatments with a focus on hemodynamics. We review engineering studies and clinical literature on the experience with devices for aortic valve treatment, as well as the latest advancements in mitral valve treatments and the pulmonic and tricuspid valves on the right side of the heart. Upcoming innovations will potentially revolutionize treatment of heart valve disorders. These advancements, and more gradual enhancements in the procedural techniques and imaging modalities, could improve the quality of life of patients suffering from valvular disease who currently cannot be treated.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2020;11(2):e0014