History of Medicine

The Joles Jewish Hospital: A Short-lived Dutch Small City Hospital With an Unusual Resurrection

Jack Y. Vanderhoek and Dick van de Kamp


The Joles Jewish Hospital in Haarlem (a small city in the Netherlands) was established in 1930 to provide a Jewish milieu for local patients. Mozes Joles, a wealthy Jewish businessman, bequeathed his fortune to the Haarlem Jewish community to accomplish this objective, and its spiritual leader, Rabbi Simon Philip de Vries, was the driving force in successfully achieving this goal. The Joles Hospital was forcibly closed by the Nazis in 1943, and the postwar leadership of the Haarlem Jewish community decided not to reopen it. Instead, they used the Joles inheritance to build old age homes in both Haifa, Israel, and Haarlem, thus ensuring a Jewish environment for elderly care in both locales. The realization of one man’s charitable act bettered the lives of both ill and elderly individuals.

Rambam Maimonides Med J 2023;14(1):e0005