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Sustaining Translational Research

Robert Lechler


Good morning. It is a great pleasure to share my thoughts with you here in Israel. The last day I was here was June 25, 2016, which was the day of the results of the Brexit referendum. My wife and I escaped feeling so depressed, but at least, we thought, we are leaving this behind; but when we came to Israel the only thing people want-ed to talk about was the Brexit referendum! Here I am today, on October 31, 2019, the day that we were meant to be leaving the European Union, so there is something with my connection with Israel and Brexit that I don’t understand! Let me start by saying that we have the privi-lege of being participants in a biomedical and health science revolution (Slide 2, Additional Material‡). I don’t think that is over¬stating it. We are living in an extraordinary, exciting time. And let me just remind you of some of these fields that are moving so fast.